About me


I like to play around while keeping my eyes wide open. I wouldn’t know how to live any other way, anyway. In my work, i keep the same playful approach. Can you see the result…? Real people, free flowing laughter, sincere tears.


A buddhist teacher said: “If you keep your eyes open and say YES to all experiences, you never need to go to any cinema.”
I always liked to view this big theatre of life through the lens and take great, everlasting shots. The lenses grew and so did my skills and experience, making me a so-called ‘grown-up’ professional photographer – but in all of my work i try to always keep the surprise element alive, with the least possible planning & posing. Work with whatever light, whatever opportunity there is in the moment. Spontaneity is priceless.


“Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”
I travel often, always eager to discover new places. Same goes for many of my clients: they are the kind of people eager to expand their horizons. Would you love to have an easy-going, like-minded photographer at your wedding or special event? Fly me in and together we’ll create something awesome.

MY DREAM: Life documentaries

People will tell you it’s my talent to capture seemingly normal but precious moments as they are happening, everywhere. Life is so full of special moments. I love being able, as a photographer, to capture those moments and creating precious memories from them.
I’ve often wondered why we only hire a photographer to capture the beauty, laughter and tears at our wedding. Isn’t it way more important to know and cherish these moments in our everyday life?
Extra benefit for you: having someone around to document your life makes you more aware of the beauty and preciousness in it. Seeing your own photos, the smile of your child, you and your spouse or friends connecting, your flowering garden or fun rafting adventure, will forever remind you of the true meaning of life and inspire you to live accordingly.
Imagine yourself in your last days, looking back on your life. Which are the moments you hold most dearly? Will you let me capture them?